Course description

  • This course focuses on provision of emergency medical care for patients who can't be immediately transported to the next level of care for treatment. Regardless of the environment (tactical/combat or civilian) at certain point we may not be able to provide sufficient medical care by using standard procedures.
  • This course offers gaining skills and knowledge about adequate and effective medical care of severely wounded patient when evacuation is postponed.
  • This course is suitable for people interested in tactical medicine and those working and operating in the Third world countries, war zones and areas affected by natural and man-made disasters. The minimal requirement for attendance is NAEMT TCCC MP certification.
  • The course follows The Prolong Field Care Working group, CoTCCC (Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care), THOR ( Trauma Hemostatis and Oxygenation research) guidelines, and it's enhanced by real life experience of our instructors, who had been providing emergency medical care during Mosul offensive and other fearsome battles against ISIS.
  • The entire course takes place in the territory of Republic of Iraq. The overall duration of the course is 168 hours.